Hey beautiful people happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying the week so far, it’s super hot in Florida and from what I’m hearing there is also a heatwave in England at the moment. This means we can all soak up some much needed vitamin D and enjoy being absolutely sunkissed. I know usually the hot weather affects my appetite and I just feel like eating light foods however in Florida this hasn’t entirely been the case; I have found myself eating quite a lot of foods and craving yummy vegan options.

As I previously said, finding vegan options in many chain restaurants here in florida isn’t always easy and I was really shocked to actually drive past a billboard that read “No vegan Food here”. This shows that Florida still has a long way to go in understanding vegan food, however I have found that veganism is on the rise and there are some really booming vegan spots scattered about. This week I have tried three new vegan places which I will share my experience about.

The first vegan spot I tried was in St Petes, which is a a lovely town in Florida and I was told it was great for vegan food. With this this in mind I thought I’d try my luck and see what vegan options I could find. Yess I wasn’t disappointed I found a great spot called Cider Press cafe; which is a fully vegan super cool cafe.

Cider press cafe 601 central Avenue St Petes 33701

This cafe looked booming with people sat outside enjoying Saturday morning brunch and the menu sounded absolutely delicious. I decided to check out some of the items and enjoy a scrumptious plant based breakfast. The menu had a variety of yummy sounding dishes I couldn’t even decide what to order there was so much choice and I am the most indecisive person ever when it comes to making food choices. I decided to mix and match and create my own breakfast sandwich. I was literally so impressed at how delicious the items were… I went for a vegan sausage and vegan scramble egg with two slices of toast. The guy working was really nice and explained they had two different types of scrambled egg one which is made from tofu and the other which is made using mung beans. I went for the mung beans and it was literally so so so delicious and creamy. The sausage csme in little patties and also tasted really really good. This was such a nice breakfast and mixing and matching items from the menu meant it only cost $10 and was enough to make two portions would highly recommend checking this spot out.

scrambled egg, sausage on toast (This was only half the portion).

Now the next place I was super surprised to stumble across it’s a fully vegan gluten free bakery in Tampa and oh my gosh the cakes and pastries looked and taste absolutely delicious! This bakery was named the best specialty bakery in the USA and is completely free from gluten, diary, egg, soy and nuts.

Halelife bakery 2425 S Dale Mabry Hwy Suit B Tampa FL‎

Walking in I was surrounded by amazing looking desserts, brownies, cookies and a plate of free samples. Ok I don’t know about you but If there is a vegan sample in front of me I have to go straight in. They were offering chocolate doughnuts and they tasted absolutely delicious. I was so impressed I have no idea how they have developed such unique gluten free and vegan recipes. I was very excited to try something new and I could have bought the whole shop however I am prone to getting cavities therefore I had to limited myself to 1 item. The really nice lady working there recommended a doughnut and I went for a strawberry one. Ohhh my it was absolutely amazing. The texture was soft the strawberry frosting complemented it perfectly.

Strawberry donut from the best speciality bakery in the USA

The third vegan spot I tried this week was an absolute gem once again in Tampa again and called so fresh vegan kitchen. This was a grab and go spot however does have a small amount of seating inside. While I was looking around I heard two people say they had been recommended to try here which was an immediate sign the food must be bangng!

Pure Kitchen 3214 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa FL 33609

This is a organic informal grab and go spot, the fridges are filled with a variety of food which lasts for up to 5 days therefore would be the perfect way to meal prep for the week ahead. On hand were a large amount of staff freshly cooking and preparing the food in front of you which all looked absolutely amazing. The food all looked so fresh and absolutely mouth wateringly good. I decided to go for a vegan mac and cheese as I hadn’t tried any Mac cheese since being in the USA and really wanted to give it a go. It was in the fridge and they had two sizes I went for the smaller one and this was more than enough. As the food is chilled the lady heated it up for me, the ingredients really caught my eye and I was super impressed to see how good they were.

check out the ingredients for the vegan Mac cheese

Ok now this vegan Mac and cheese was everything I could possibly dream of in a Mac Cheese it was cheese creamy delicious and so satisfying. To top it off with it being organic and fresh it is actually nutritious as well as delicious. This Mac cheese was so good that as soon as I tried it I forgot to take a picture because it was so so good I actually ended up eating most of it before I remembered to take a picture.

You know it’s good Mac Cheese when you forget to take the picture

The 4th spot actually isn’t fully vegan however they can customize any pizza on the menu to make it vegan which I think is absolutely amazing. Mellow mushroom is a chain with a hippy feel to it which claims to have the best pizzas and I would definitely agree with this. Basically the menu is filled with unique pizza combinations which you can customize with tofu, tempeh and vegan cheese. Looking at the menu it was a hard choice to order however the shiitake pizza with added portobello mushrooms caught my eye. This pizza was on an olive oil and garlic base with roasted shiitake and portobello mushrooms topped with chives and truffle oil.

Mellow mushroom Holy Shiitake vegan pizza

Thanks so much for taking the time out to read this blog post! I’m so glad I checked out these Vegan options as they all offer delicious plant based meals and treats. I will definitely be back to sample more of the menu especially on the fully vegan places and I also highly recommend you give them a try if you are in the Tampa or St Pete area. Happy Monday stay safe in the sun, stay fabulous and keep glowing from the inside out from all the delicious vegan foods.

Such a good Vegan pizza OMG literally incredible!!!!