Hey happy saturday beautiful people! There are big celebrations here in the USA because it’s the 4th July weekend. If you’re not American & don’t know what this is it’s when Americans celebrate Independence day. I know back home in England the football is on so hopefully there will be big celebrations and England will win. With all the fun I’m trying to join in and sampling some yummy vegan food. As i said in my previous post it’s not that easy to find vegan food spots here in Florida so when I do it’s kind of a big deal for me. Farmacy vegan kitchen & bakery is a fully plant based restaurant which specialises in creating familiar and contemporary dishes which are free from meat or dairy.

Farmacy vegan kitchen is located inside this grocery store and is basically a hidden gem!

When you first enter the store shelves of high quality vegan products face you. This would be the perfect spot to purchase items that you probably can’t find in a regular supermarket. They also offer chilled meals that you can heat at home such as cashew Mac Cheese.

A selection of fresh chilled products some that you can heat at home.

If you are looking for your vegan favorites you will find them here.

I have to say finding Vegan spots is one of my favourite things to do, however with all this choice It can be a struggle to decide what to pick. The menu offers a choice of Philly cheese steaks, plant based burgers and hot sandwiches. The descriptions all sounded delicious so I knew that just one choice wasn’t going to cut it. There was a nice guy talking orders to get a better idea I asked him to recommend a dish; he suggested the philly cheese steak. He explained that it is basically impossible to get a vegan philly cheese steak & that’s why this is such a popular option. Now even with that recommendation I decided to stick with what I know and order a burger.

This is the Farmacy Frisco melt it’s on a sourdough bun

To be completely honest I should have probably taken the guys recommendation and gone for the Philly cheese steak. This burger tasted pretty healthy looked great but wasn’t that out of the ordinary. Now for my second choice the mean black bean hot sandwich.

Literally the most delicious vegan sandwich I have tried in my life!

Looking at the pictures It looks like the patty inside the sandwich has been swapped with the burger… Well all I do know is that this sandwich is a definite winner and It deserves recognition for its absolute deliciousness. Honestly the flavours were incredible and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try vegan food as this will leave you craving more. When I say I have never tasted a sandwich this good in my life that is no exaggeration, it’s literally the most delicious sandwich I have ever tasted. The bread had been toasted on the griddle and it created a combination of fantastic flavours.

This sandwich is literally the yummiest sandwich I’ve ever tasted
and I’m so so happy!

I would definitely recommend Farmacy Vegan kitchen and bakery for some mouthwatering vegan food to leave your taste buds tingling. if you do get a chance to go you have to try this sandwich because honestly the combination of flavours are absolutely incredible. To find out more details on Farmacy Vegan kitchen & bakery check out there website: https://farmacyvegankitchen.com/ If you do go please mention my recommendation. Have a great weekend and happy holidays.