Hey Beautiful people happy Wednesday I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and enjoying lots of yummy food. If you’re vegan and living in London you are probably so happy with the vast array of vegan options when you go out to eat. Vegan menus seem to now come as standard in the uk. It makes us vegans so happy to see the massive increase in popularity and restaurants having to adapt to a growing number of plant based customers.

Vegan poke bowl in pokeworks Tampa Florida yummy and nutritious

Some of you who follow my instagram might have noticed I’m currently in Florida. Being here is great however finding vegan food out can be a massive struggle. I guess the demographic here is different and there isn’t the same urgency for restaurants to include plant based options; which to say the least is kind of annoying and can leave you going hungry lol.

Pokeworks @International Plaza Tampa Florida

I was therefore blessed to stumble across pokeworks at international plaza mall right next to Tampa airport, they actually include a vegan option on there menu. This Hawaiian inspired eatery was founded with a vision to bring people together through flavourful healthy food which is exactly what it does. Pokeworks allows you to uniquely build your own bowl combinations which creates a picture perfect meal.

Like all poke bowls you need a base, I was super excited to try there clearly superior Kale noodles on offer. These were not something I’d tried before but they tasted absolutely delicious and provided 11g of protein. The next step to build the bowl was to add nutrient packed fruits herbs and vegetables. Of course being vegan and loving fresh options I choose everything which created a beautiful variety of colours and flavours. It was delicious and included little orange pieces, corn, kale, onion cucumber, spring onions and seaweed. My bowl was topped with organic tofu! Yes that’s right organic tofu which we all know is far more beneficial to health than the common GMO types.

Here is my finished bowl, OMG just looking at it makes me hungry!!

Overall this bowl was a definite win, it was so good that I ordered another one for later. The seaweed kale noodles and yummy sauce made it mouthwateringly tasty. They have locations all over Florida and the USA i definately recommend you check it out.