Hey beautiful people I hope everyone is feeling well and is ready for a great week filled with positive vibes. I’m super excited to share this recipe for vegan fish tacos because it’s using a brand new ingredient I haven’t cooked with before and this is banana blossom. I couldn’t believe how readily available this was and I was able to purchase it from my local ASDA store which i was super surprised about as i did not expect it to be this easily available.

We will make the vegan fish as this is going to be marinated in sea kelp and left to soak overnight

To make these you will need:

These are some of the ingredients I have used

tinned banana blossom

sea kelp

vegan mayo



red onion



taco shells

soy milk

vegan beer

baking powder

sweet corn

kidney beans

These are some of the ingredients we will be using
  1. This recipe is going to most effective if we soak the banana blossom is sea kelp lemons and soy milk overnight. This ensures the banana blossom is fully soaked and will be flavorsome and taste like fish.
  2. Empty the banana blossom into a bowl cover with sea kelp squeeze in lemon juice of 3 lemons and cover with soy milk. leaveth bowl overnight in the fridge to ensure the banana blossom is fully marinated.
  3. Now I don’t know about you but I absolutely love pickle onion and radish and this is so easy to make chop the red onion and the radish put them into a jar cover with red wine vinegar salt and pepper squeeze in the juice of an couple limes and leave in the fridge overnight.

Now we can start the next part of the recipe

  1. The banana blossom is now ready to be covered in batter and deep fried. To get the flavour of the batter you use vegan beer, In a small bowl add flour garlic and 1 cup of beer. Wisk to get the correct consistency add more beer of flour as desired.
lovely beer batter
  1. Heat high quality oil in a large wok and dip the banana blossom into batter mix ensure the banana blossom is fully covered in batter and deep fry. until golden brown, Leave to drain the excess oil on kitchen paper or a kitchen towel.
yummy vegan fish

  1. In a clean pan add a small amount of oil and lightly fry the wraps these will be easy to mould in the desired taco shape. when the wraps heat up you can easily mould them into taco shells.
  2. Boil the white rice and season with salt in pepper.
  3. While the rice is cooking we are going to make the guacamole and this is simply done by taking the seeds out of 2 avocados and mashing the avocado into a small bowl, squeeze in the juice of 2 limes add salt and chilli flakes as desired.
  4. In a pan lightly fry kidney beans and sweet corn in olive oil sprinkle in crushed garlic, and chilli flakes.
These tacos are so good and taste even better with a topping of vegan mayo
  1. Now we have prepared all the ingredients we are ready to fill the taco shells. Begin by scoping in the rice then add the kidney beans and sweet corn. Place the banana blossom in next and carefully top with pickle onion and radish. Finally cover with the guacamole and squeeze of lime. Top the tacos with fresh coriander and you are good to go. Enjoy this yummy treat and please share it with your friends. enjoy