Hey beautiful people, I hope you are feeling well today and ready to cook and eat some yummy delicious food. Vegan tacos are one of the most colourful delicious dishes, they are literally like eating the rainbow. These tacos take 15 minutes to prepare and are packed with plant based goodness. I know cooking can be busy and seem like a lot of effort so todays dish is going to be kept super simple. It’s the perfect starter or even just a really yummy snack to enjoy after a hard workout.

Theses fresh ingredients are all from Aldi and cost under £5.00

for this recipe you will need:

Tinned Jackfruit

Tinned black beans

BBQ sauce

spring onions

fresh lime


Red cabbage

olive oil

Small lettice

  1. Wash the lettuce and separate it into individual leaves lay them out on a tray sprinkle with sea salt and lime juice drizzle with olive oil.
  2. Open the tin of black bins and and fry on a low heat with olive oil and salt and pepper. Chop spring onions and add them into the black beans.

Black beans are rich in antioxidants and contain fibre protein and carbohydrates which make a nutritional powerhouse
  1. Add the black beans to the lettuce leaves and carefully spoon them onto the leaves.
  2. Grate the carrot and cabbage add salt pepper and olive oil and squeeze the lime. Carefully place the cabbage and carrots on to the lettuce leaves.
Be like a rainbow and eat the rainbow
  1. Open the jackfruit and drain and cover in BBQ sauce lightly fry in olive oil add spring onions and fry together.
Okayyyyy how good does this look….
  1. scoop out the jackfruit and carefully place on the lettuce leaves and top with spring onions. Drizzle with sauce of your choice and enjoy a yummy snack.

Yayyyy super easy vegan rainbow tacos, quick easy and affordable hope you enjoy them babes x