Pines foods is happy to announce they will be starting vegan meal prep delivery, These meals are specially formulated to provide you body with nutrients and fuel and help you achieve your fitness goals. Delivery days are currently Tuesday and Friday.  Deliveries are currently be taken via our Facebook page.

Our current menu is listed below:

sunshine sweet potato and chickpea curry served on wholesome brown rice and mixed seeds with a side serving of broccoli and avocado.

sweet potato curry
This is delicious and nutritious, please see below for the nutritional information.

This sweet potato curry contains:  18.2g dietary fibre, 23.9g protein, 10my Iron it contains 7% of your daily fat 24% sodium with a total of 463 calories. Therefore it is a high protein meal great for building muscle.

Here we have  a Mexican inspired quinoa bowl served with sweet potato mash refried kidney beans, broccoli and plantain. This bowl is dancing with flavor and packed with heathy nourishing ingredients the nutritional information is listed below.

mexican bowl
This bowl is great If your bulking and gaining muscle. Nutritional information is listed below.

nutritional information is as follows: 36.9g protein, 13mg Iron, 25.9 dietary fibre, 818 calories. This bowl will help you build muscle and contains 0.9g of saturated fat.

This is a low calorie option packed with plant based goodness; Salt and pepper tofu, served with crunchy kale and a spicy chickpea and tomato mash with Fresh beans and carrots.

tofu new
This dish is bursting with flavor see below for nutritional information 

This bowl contains 26.3g protein, 22.6g dietary fibre, 8,5g fat no cholesterol and 259mg of  calcium. This is a wholesome bowl packed with plant goodness.

Jammin Jamaican jerk tofu served with plantain calaloo chickpea and sweetcorn mash with a side serving of purple slaw.

jerk bowl

This bowl is packed with flavor the jerk and combinations of flavors will send your tastebuds tingling. The nutritional information is as follows. 41g protein which makes this a protein packed meal, This bowl will provide you with 98% of your recommended daily allowance of Iron and 34.3g of dietary fibre. This delicious bowl contains 1.5g of saturated fat and 742 calories.

Health is wealth, your body is a temple pines foods understands this and wats to guide you into making healthy choices. These recipes can be adapted and changed depending on your dietary requirements. Stay blessed healthy and happy.