So I would like to firstly thank you for taking the time to read my blog post it really does mean so much to me as this blog is something I’ve put my heart into. I would like to talk/ write about the importance of self belief as believing in yourself is a key component which will lead you to take action in achieving your goals.

It can be very hard growing up with parents who are suffering from depression this can create negative core beliefs within yourself which results in low self esteem and a negative self concept. Having personally made a decision to go on a healing journey I have had many years of healing which has led me to the point I am at in life now. I may have days in which I compare my life to others and criticise myself for not having achieved more; however I have to step back and remember I’m on my own personal journey and can only try to gain an understanding of my journey.

In today’s society mental health issues seem to be on the rise and there are many people that point out social media may contribute to this and I completely agree. By nature social media leads us to compare our lives to the lives of others. We often may see fake smiles edited images, staged photos and highlights of the best of peoples lives which can drag us down into our own negative self talk.I’m guilty of doing this and I can say it led me to feeling absolutely worthles.Our lives are all special unique and valuable we are all on our own unique journey and have our own challenges to overcome. Your goals are dependent upon your life and it’s so important to value these goals and respect that every mile stone you overcome in your life will help create the future best version of yourself.

This lockdown we are currently in has led me to address some of my core beliefs about myself and take action into transforming the negative beliefs into positive ones.

Here are my top tips that I’m using in my own life to transform it and become the best version of myself.

1)set small achievable goals each day these can range from anything depending on where you are right now in life. Today my goal was to write a blog post and I have achieved this regardless of the outcome.Give yourself a reward when you achieve your goal and be proud.

2)Take some form of physical exercise each day, what exercise do you enjoy? It may be a walk or even a run. I find the sooner I get outside and brace the fresh air the more productive my day will be.

3) Use affirmations. Now I no affirmations work for me. I have used affirmations to drag myself out of a very dark place which years later I’m still shocked I was able to do through only the use of my mind. Therefore why not use this power to create positive beliefs which is what I am currently doing.

Life is a journey we are all walking different paths which may ultimately lead to the same destination. Please remember not matter what you are special and your life has value. I hope this post has brought you as much positivity as I have gained from writing, sending you peace and positive vibes.