As a passionate vegan my aim is to educate and show people that plant based food is nutritious delicious and healthy. Having been on a journey myself beginning as a meat eater then switching to vegetarian and finally living a fully vegan diet I feel happier and healthier than ever and I want to share this with others.

pines van
Well Hello!

My Pines van allows me to sell my healthy delicious street food throughout the UK. With the warm weather approaching keep your eyes peeled for me and my grass covered van.

salad box

Here is a taster of some my specialties, I eat an enormous amount of salads and they are so fresh and delicious. Here we have a delicious salad with peas, flax seed, pomegranate, strawberries, and avocado.

vegan burger
Who said a burger needs bread!!!
curry box
eat clean guys stay lean!!

It’s also nice to enjoy hot food, being fully plant based the flavors will certainly tingle your taste buds. I don’t like my food too hot though so I use just enough spice to enrich the foods natural flavors.

flaffel box
bright food is better!!!

I am going to be roaming around the UK and I look forward to meeting you and sharing some delicious food; peace and positive vibes guys.