Self discipline is a quality which in today’s  society is often scarce to come about. Self discipline is however the key to freedom, it is your personal key to living your dreams and achieving any goal!

Discipline can come in many forms however these principles will  help you to develop the habit of discipline in every aspect of life:

Value the promises you make to yourself: for example if you tell your self you will eat healthy foods only eat healthy foods. When you value your word the impact is immediate!

Valuing the promises you make to others: For example if you tell a person you will do something for them make sure you do it. People will respect you much more and you will feel good about yourself!

Being mindful of your thoughts: Consciously become aware of your thoughts judgments and the reality you are creating in every moment. Consciously think positive thoughts strive to see the good in all and you will create the good in all.

I wise man once said the undisciplined life isn’t worth living and I completely agree!!

More to come very soon on this subject

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