These fabulous dishes are perfect to serve as an after dinner dessert or as a special breakfast. They are simple to make and chai seeds are packed with omega 3 fatty acids which aid brain health, so what better way to start the day!  I have chosen to make mango and strawberry flavour however the recipe can easily be tailored depending upon your personal preference.


For this recipe you will need the follow ingredients (quantities will depend upon the size of dish you choose to make them in)

coconut milk

chai seeds

frozen mango

fresh sliced strawberries

banana  frozen and sliced into pieces

I have chosen to use a Breville smoothie maker, I strongly recommend it as it is probably my most used kitchen tool.

Now the method is super simple

  1. pour a reasonable amount of coconut milk into your chosen dish so it is around 1cm tall, then cover with chai seeds, leave to stand to the chai seeds absorb the coconut milk and become swollen.
  2. Using your smoothie maker blend the mango, strawberries and banana then spoon over your coconut milk and chai seeds.
  3. Now decorate with fresh mango strawberry and mint. Now enjoy fuelling your brain with these delicious healthy treats.