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yummy high protein pasta

Heyyy beautiful people now if you workout I'm sure you're looking to make those gainz and eat a protein rich diet as protein is the building blocks for muscle growth and repair. There are many ways to get an addition... Continue Reading →

Healthy vegan meal ideas for under £3 a meal

Hello I hope everyone is having a good week and eating lots of delicious vegan food. Now it is a well known myth that being a vegan is expensive this however is not true, you just need to be willing... Continue Reading →

Teriyaki beef Noodles

Happy Monday, I hope everyone is having a productive day and looking forward to enjoying the week ahead with some delicious healthy food. Today I wanted to try something new and investigate the meat alternatives popping up on the shelves... Continue Reading →

Random Vegan food spots in Florida

Hey beautiful people happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying the week so far, it's super hot in Florida and from what I'm hearing there is also a heatwave in England at the moment. This means we can all soak... Continue Reading →

Delicious vegan food Tampa Florida

Hey happy saturday beautiful people! There are big celebrations here in the USA because it's the 4th July weekend. If you're not American & don't know what this is it's when Americans celebrate Independence day. I know back home in... Continue Reading →

Vegan Yummy poke bowl in Tampa Florida

Hey Beautiful people happy Wednesday I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and enjoying lots of yummy food. If you're vegan and living in London you are probably so happy with the vast array of vegan options when you... Continue Reading →

Oreo Vegan Brownies

These brownies are super delicious, gooey, melt in your mouth and packed with oreo goodness. Oreos are one of the most iconic vegan snacks and these brownies are guaranteed to leave anyone craving more. Not everyone knows that oreos are... Continue Reading →

Delicious mother’s day cake

Good morning beautiful people who is ready for mothers day? My mum is in USA while i'm in the UK so I am going to virtually celebrate, but if you can physically see your mum why not bake her this... Continue Reading →

Vegan Fish Tacos

Hey beautiful people I hope everyone is feeling well and is ready for a great week filled with positive vibes. I'm super excited to share this recipe for vegan fish tacos because it's using a brand new ingredient I haven't... Continue Reading →

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